1st November 2018

Mi WEB is Mi Office’s newest hot offer.

In this digital age, it has become more and more important for everyone to have a professional online presence. Gone are the days of using the Yellow Pages to find or promote and advertise a business…. Nowadays customers are sourcing goods and services online, and 80% of new business comes from online search.

Mi Office realised that there was a major opportunity to provide our customers with a simple, affordable website offering to do just that, which is why we created Mi WEB.

Mi WEB makes websites accessible to everyone, by creating a full package service at a price that is unbelievable: R2.10 per day, incl VAT.  NO KIDDING!!!

How does Mi WEB work?

First, you are given a website address, which is called a ‘Domain’. Once you have your ‘Domain’, you can create personalised email addresses. Your web address points to your website which shows potential customers the information needed to describe and promote your business or entity (this information is stored by Mi WEB on your behalf and is called ‘Hosting’). You also can change the content each month at no cost.

We also provide full Mi WEB technical support through our branches, as well as online via our website www.miweb.net.za.

As with cell phones and the internet, no-one today – small businessman or private individual alike – can afford to be without a website. IT IS THE FUTURE. And Mi WEB is the key to that future. Sign up now.