Our Mi Office Promise To You

Service Charter

Every customer is entitled to equal service, equal respect, and to total confidentiality. Never argue and never judge.

First impressions last. When greeting a customer, body language, eye contact, a welcoming smile, and prompt response are vital. Remember, you represent the Company.

Professionalism means appropriate dress, tidy work stations, the willingness to listen, a desire to find solutions and accurate information.

Without effective teamwork, the Company will fail. Every job is your job. If you see it, you own it, you fix it.

Self-confidence comes from product knowledge, which, in turn, comes from continuous learning. Practise “Yes, I can,” and always seek to improve.

Mistakes occur. Never be afraid to acknowledge them. Excuses are not solutions.

If in doubt, consult. Never guess.

There’s always a task to do.

A career does not just happen. It is a product of planning, hard work, sacrifice, and persistence. No-one is owed a living.

Service + Effort = Better Service

Better Service + Teamwork = Best Service

Keeping up with the times

Our Service Charter is part of our company culture.

From day one we chose to operate according to a value system. Virtues such as honesty, integrity in business transactions and transparency in everything we say or do have served us well over the years.

The logic of success dictates that we cannot stop here. In a fast paced world, we must respond immediately to each new demand of our customers, be it trading seven days a week, free Wi-Fi, printing from smart devices or state of the art machinery.

Our priority going forward, therefore, will be to cement our position as the office of the future through product expansion and innovation, useful to businesses and individuals alike.

Continuous improvement

By concentrating on providing practical solutions for everyday customer needs, we have turned ourselves into High Street market leaders in the retailing of printing and shipping, business and computer related services.

As a result we now hold a dominant position in the strategically important centres of Pietermaritzburg (6 stores), the Natal Midlands (2 stores), South Durban (2 stores), Hillcrest (1 store) and Bloemfontein (3 stores).

Proof that our business model works lies in our average daily customer count, which is presently running at 250 per store and rising.