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Questions About Shipping Services

To which destinations am I able to ship couriers?

As a general rule you can ship items to any destination in the world. However, exceptions do apply.

Are there weight and size restrictions?

Yes. As we are a retail company, we do not accept any single item of more than 25 kilograms. A maximum volumetric weight of 40 kilograms will also apply.

Can I track my shipments?

Online, yes, just click TRACK MY PARCEL on our home page.

Do you offer packaging?

A full packaging service is available in all our stores.

How long will it take to deliver my parcel?

This depends on what service type is chosen – An Express (overnight) or Economy (2-3 day) service is available.

Which courier company do you use to deliver my items?

We use DHL exclusively for international shipments and a range of local courier companies for our domestic services.

What does volumetric weight mean?

Volumetric weight is calculated by a formula to determine the amount of space vs the actual weight of the item. An example like a pillow would have a much higher volumetric weight than its actual mass. The higher of the two is used to calculate the shipping cost.

How does the insurance work?

Insurance is charged at a rate of 5% of the declared value, to a maximum of R5000 per shipment. It covers loss or damage provided that we package the item. We do not recommend sending very fragile goods.

Can I use your address to receive items?

We do allow customers to receive ad hoc courier parcels at any of our branches, provided that it does not exceed 10 kilograms in mass and is not of high monetary value.

Should you wish to receive regular parcel deliveries, please contact your local Branch Manager as a small handling fee will apply.

Can the receiver pay on delivery?

No, we do not offer a COD service, but the receiver can pay us directly via EFT.

What is the definition of a main centre, regional and outlying area?

Main centres are all of the main metros and large cities in SA plus locations in their near proximity.

Regional areas are defined as smaller towns. An example would be Ladysmith KZN or Paarl in the Western Cape.

Outlying areas are more remote locations in rural areas.

What is PARGO?

Over 800 PARGO counter collection points are available in SA for the convenience of the customer who needs to send an item that cannot be delivered directly to the recipient’s physical address, work or home.

Clicks, Mr Video, Mi Office, Shell Service stations as well as many other retail outlets throughout SA are PARGO collection centres.

What are your cut-off times to send a courier?

Cut-off times vary from store to store, but as a general rule all items received before 3pm (Mon – Fri) will be dispatched that same day. Contact your local store for further particulars.

Will you collect shipments from my business or home?

We are a retail outlet and therefore do not have dedicated vehicles on the road to collect your parcel. However we do make exceptions, depending on the circumstances.

What happens if the receiver is not at home?

Delivery will then be rescheduled for the next working day. As a general rule most shipments are delivered before 1pm.

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