Our Online Services

Websites (Mi WEB), Design and Secretarial, Email Services, Scan Services, Faxing, PC Rental, Free WiFi and Online Store


Online Store

(Coming Soon)

Questions About Online Services

Can I order your products & services online?

Our online shop is currently under construction, we hope to be online by July 2020.

I need a website!
Can you type or design on request?

We offer graphic design, DTP and typing services on demand.

Do you receive emails on behalf of customers?


What about sending of emails?

There are two service types for email sending that we offer.

The first is a scan and send directly from a multi-function printer, the other is a full service email sending from a PC. Different service rates apply.

The easiest option is to rent a PC, scan and send from your own account.

Do you offer scanning @ Mi Office?

A full service A4/A3 document scanning is available, as well as plan or poster scans at selected outlets.

Need to print, check your email, or surf the internet?

PC Rental @ Mi Office – keeping you connected, only R6 for the first 10 minutes and 60 cents per minute thereafter

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, but there are restrictions.