Mi Office recently donated easter eggs to the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society.

Mi Office understands the importance of assisting wherever we can in the local community and are grateful for the opportunity to join forces with the PMB Mental Health Society on a regular basis.

Visit www.pmbmhs.org.za for information on the society or contact them at 033 392 7230.

Pietermaritzburg Mental Health has been providing services to thousands of people in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding area since 1945.  We provide residential care to 180 mentally disabled adults, whilst our three protective workshops provide work skills training to over 220 service users who live in the community. Our social work, team provides professional services to people in the communities and these services are to people with disabilities or their families or ordinary people who may be having relationship problems or emotional challenges including stress, anxiety and trauma.

We regularly reach out into the communities to provide mental health awareness, as well as provide assistance in community development. We also train and enable people with mental disabilities to empower themselves and improve their quality of life.

Our organisation has had the most amazing support from Mi Office over decades and we are so grateful for their willingness to directly support people with disabilities to give them some joy and excitement such as at their Christmas parties and at Easter.