Mi Office is thanked by SADD for supporting Mandela Day

23rd July 2018

Mi Office Pmb – Greyling Street

Dear Taryn,

Re: Thank you for your donations and support to road crash victims.

We wish to thank you very much for your generous contribution towards our Mandela Day 2018 gift bags.

Thanks to your and donations from Howick Pharmacy, Pick n Pay-Victoria Rd, Pastel Printers, Hilton Dental Care, Sanofi, Kubela Store, Trucksurance and Dept of Transport we were able to make a small difference in the lives of 27 Road Crash Victims at Greys and Edendale hospitals.

Many of the victims have either no or very infrequent visitors, either have been or will be hospitalized for extended periods of time and this then made the SADD teams visit, support and the gift bag so special to them.

This year we were shocked at the high number of paralyzed victims and others with severe leg injuries.

Most of the crashes were unnecessary and were caused by unroadworthy vehicles or involved driver faults like falling asleep, head on collisions or loss of control of the vehicles seemingly because of the incorrect speed for the road conditions (gravel roads, wet roads, potholes) leading the vehicle to roll. Many of the victims had not been buckled up and so were evicted from the vehicle. It was difficult to correctly quantify the number of intoxicated drivers, as many victims became unconscious and did not remember specific details. Alcohol was definitely involved in 7 incidents.

SADD were also able to hand out manuals on alcohol, drink driving, basic road safety and seatbelt use to Drs and Nurses at the 3 Hospitals as part of our preventative and educative work.

We hope by sharing the road crash victim stories with the public we will highlight the financial and emotional devastation that crashes cause to victims and their families and how it places an unnecessary and enormous burden on our health system. Please take time to join SADD by visiting our website www.sadd.org.za so that you can get our newsletters and sign the petition to VOTE FOR CHANGE

Once again, many thanks for your generous donation and your support for SADDs work.

Yours sincerely, The SADD Team